George Karabatsos

Department of Educational Psychology
Ph.D. Program in Measurement and Statistics
and the
Department of Mathematics, Statistics,
and Computer Science

University of Illinois-Chicago
1040 W. Harrison St. (MC 147)
Chicago, IL 60607
e-mail: georgek@uic.edu

I develop, apply, publish, and teach the foundations useful for effective statistical modeling.
My research interests include nonparametric and parametric models and related computational methods for regression and prediction analysis; multivariate analysis; hierarchical, mixture, and multi-level modeling; cluster analysis; density estimation; variable selection; causal inference; meta-analysis; model selection and testing; order-restricted statistical inference; network data analysis, and psychometric item response analysis.


Software Bayesian Regression: Nonparametric and Parametric Models

ED/EPSY 503: Essentials of Quantitative Inquiry

EPSY 543: Advanced Analysis of Variance
EPSY 546: Educational Measurement
EPSY 547: Multiple Regression

EPSY 551: Item Response Theory / Rasch Measurement
EPSY 583: Multivariate Statistics
EPSY 584: Hierarchical Linear Models
EPSY 585: Nonparametric Modeling
EPSY 586: Theory of Statistics
STAT 511: Advanced Statistical Theory
EPSY and STAT Dissertation research courses